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Charity is Never a Gamble with Jackpot Games Cleveland Casino Nights! We help you put the "Fun" in Fundraising! It's not easy to ask someone for donations, nor is it fun to just give money away, no matter how worthy the cause. Casino fundraisers are one of the most unique and exciting ways to donate money to charities and organizations in need.

Cleveland Casino Rental casino nights help put the FUN in fundraising and charity events. One key to any successful fundraiser is to create the fun and eagerness to participate. Organizations such as churches, synagogues, charities, schools, and social service groups have found that hosting a casino party is a fun and easy way to raise funds for their cause. A casino party is also a fun and easy way for the contributor to give to your organization. By hosting a casino party, the pressure is off both you and the contributor. Both have a good time in a low pressure, high excitement environment. And both can walk away knowing that the nonprofit organization has benefited.

Cleveland Casino Rental's very unique approach has been used many times for fundraising activities. We're always thrilled to help worthy causes reach their financial goals. With our years of experience in special events, there are many success stories about how we've helped raise money with casino theme parties. Our owner would be happy to attend your meetings and share his experience. Questions about the law? We have the answers you need. No one else offers the complete array of services we offer. Our casino equipment is the best around, our experience is unmatched. If you really want to impress your guests, show them a good time, make them want to stay to the very end and have a great time AND raise money for your organization, get Jackpot Games Cleveland Casino Rental involved in your fundraiser. We're serious about FUN and Fundraising!

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Team Building

How can Jackpot Games' Cleveland Casino Rental improve your team building? Casino Nights are important enough that the 2007 World Champion New York Giants credit it with helping pave the way to their Superbowl success. As Damon Hack of Sports Illustrated reports:

The healing began at a Blackjack table, of all places, in a banquet room at Giants Stadium in the middle of baseball season. A June minicamp had come to an end, but New York Giants players and coaches were instructed to convene for one last meeting before going their separate ways. Seated at the table, carrying neither a whistle nor his familiar scowl, was coach Tom Coughlin, waiting for face cards. It was a team-only casino night, the first in Coughlin's four-year tenure and an uncharacteristic off-season overture from the coach to his players. The gamble paid off big. 'It gave us a chance to see him as something other than just Coach Coughlin, standing at the podium, giving a speech', defensive back R.W. McQuarters says. 'It gave us a chance to bond. We relaxed, we had fun, we put football to the side. We were just guys.'

Damon Hack, Sports Illustrated

So, whether your entire staff divides into groups or your top-level executives convene for an evening of Poker, we guarantee that all involved will feel a stronger sense of unity and personal understanding. One evening of fun can easily grow into lasting work relationships!

How it Works

Starting off

Your guests will receive $100 in actual Casino Chips to start.


Players move throughout the casino and meet dealers who will patiently teach the games.


After gaming, players redeem their chips for raffle tickets and the drawing or the prizes begins.

Fun for Everybody!

Every guest has a chance to win and the excitement lasts until the last ticket is drawn.

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